About me


My name is Dávid Kaya, I am an Engineering Tech Lead at Y Soft. I focus on .NET Core and API design in my work life and I like to try and play with any technology that I find interesting in my free time. I also try to contribute to open source projects, I have contributed to some open source projects, e.g. gb and .NET Core, you can see my contributions at my GitHub profile. I don't have as many contributions as I would like to, but trying to do my best to improve how I contribute to communities.

Sharing my knowledge with community is something that I set as my whole life goal. I speak at schools (high schools, universities), meetups and other places where I have an opportunity to speak. If you are interested in having me talking at your event, just let me know.

I am also an amateur photographer, meaning photography is my big hobby and when I am travelling you won't see me without my camera. You can see some of my work at 500px.